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Helping Hong Kong Hire Foreign Domestic Helpers

King Fai Employment Agency is run by experienced consultants who speak fluent Tagalog, listen carefully and understand your needs. Our goal is match the best helper to the most suitable employer, providing an efficient, thorough service and allowing busy professionals across the city to come home from work to a clean, welcoming home, helping them lead a relaxing, stress-free life.

We have a reputation as a responsible and caring agency that treats its helpers. King Fai Employment Agency attracts a large number of skilled local and overseas helpers, allowing you hire domestic helpers from Indonesia and the Philippines who have good working experiences and exceptional technique. Our strong pool of quality workers allows employers to quickly find and recruit the best helper for their specific needs. Whether you have a young family, a large house, or specific needs from your helper, we can ensure that you get someone who will neatly fit into your lifestyle.


Our principle°G

King Fai Employment Agency strives to make the best and most successful matches between employers and helpers, creating harmonious relationship between you and your new domestic helper, leading to a mutually beneficial relationship. We understand that taking on a helper is a large commitment, so we want to get it right. Our six-step application process ensures the best, most accurate match with a new helper, connecting you with someone who fit neatly into the role required of them.


Our mission°G

King Fai Employment Agency is a good and faithful employment services provider. We strive to provide the best standards in the industry for both worker and employer, ensuring both benefit from the relationship.


Get in touch today°G

Start a discussion with our staff today and find out how we can connect you with a skilled, trustworthy and reliable housekeeper. Fill in our contact form, send us an email at [email protected], or call us directly on (852) 2338 1767 and we°¶ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.